Managing Anxiety & Depression With CBD Oil

Robert Dean really enjoyed his life filled with excessive drinking and late night debauchery at bars while simultaneously trying to make headway in his career as a writer. He partied so much that he didn’t notice any symptoms of anxiety and depression before he became a husband and father. After he became a parent, his wild ways tapered off and he noticed that he was having trouble focusing this thoughts. Physical symptoms like digestive issues, shaky hands, heart palpitations and racing thoughts began to overtake his life. His wife, a nurse, pushed him to visit a general practitioner who explained that his physical symptoms were consistent with anxiety and his dark thoughts were consistent with depression.

Bullheaded at heart, Robert decided to use his dark thoughts as motivation to push him to do more for his career as a freelance writer.

“It’s been about four years since I was diagnosed “severe” and since I’ve used it as fire to do more, to land more bylines, to work harder to be the best writer I can possibly be.” Robert explained. “I’m insane with how far I’m willing to go to be above average. I’m crazy but, I get stuff done.”

Rejecting the medication that he was prescribed because he said the pills made him feel like a zombie, Robert turned to other methods to manage his anxiety and depression like taking long walks, meditation and CBD Oil.

“For a long while, I was smoking weed to cope, but now, I take CBD oil and it’s working wonders for me,” he said.

Learn more about how Robert manages anxiety and depression with CDB Oil by listening to the Mental Illness Mental Brilliance podcast.

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