Justin Peck Won’t Allow Bipolar Disorder To Make Him a Victim

Justin Peck is the only professional off-road racecar driver in the state of Utah. He’s also the author of Bulletproof, a memoir that shares his story of acknowledging the mental brilliance of bipolar disorder and its impact on his life.

Justin explained that having a mental health issue did not slow him down from any of his goals. In fact, Justin said, bipolar disorder motivated him to achieve more.

“Bipolar disorder is probably the most miserable, incredible thing to have,” Justin said. “It’s one of those things that we are blessed with that can be the most brutal, gut wrenching thing of your life but on the flip side of that you can have the best moments of your life as well.”

According to Justin’s research, 1 of 5 Americans have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. To this he says that 100% of Americans have been impacted by the disorder. He believes that accepting the bipolar disorder, recognizing the triggers and the phases of the mood swings from manic to depressive, is the key to managing a successful life with bipolar disorder.

“Once you understand that it is not a bad thing. It is something that will help you grow as a person,” Justin said. “Once you understand that and realize that and stop demonizing the disorder and stop being a victim because of the disorder, I promise that your life will just become better.”

Listen to the full podcast interview with Justin Peck on Mental Illness Mental Brilliance below.

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