It’s Not Mental Illness, It’s Mental Brilliance

When someone is diagnosed with a mental illness, they either find relief in knowing that others have experienced the same things or they begin to feel badly about having a brain that they feel has somehow misfired. It’s a shame that when a person embraces feeling raw emotion and being in sync with their own brain and superpowers they are categorized as having a mental disorder.

Of course we experience these “mental illnesses” since they are clear signs of our environmental distress.

Depression– We experience depression because our society forces us to play roles that we biologically aren’t in agreement with and it drains us emotionally and physically.
Bipolar Disorder– We experience bipolar disorder because we are forced to ignore our emotions and simultaneously switch gears by pretending to be someone else just to fit into society.
Anxiety- We experience anxiety because we are inundated with images and stories of terror and pain every day.
See visions and speak with spirits– We see visions and interact with spirits because we are spiritually connected to another realm.
PTSD– We experience ptsd because the pain of this world traumatizes us. It does not belong as a part of our experience
OCD– We experience OCD because are desperate to create order in a world that has none.
Eating Disorders– We experience eating disorders because our value and the quality of our experience with others is directly affected by our appearance.
Substance Abuse – We abuse substances because we yearn to escape this world and go back to the spiritual plane where we belong.

When you recognize that you have a mental health issue, you are recognizing that there is a problem with the way our society is structured which prevents us from having peace of mind.

To openly recognize this truth, versus rejecting it in favor of pretending nothing is wrong, you are triggering your mental brilliance. Never deny your recognition of the root of your problem. It is not that something is wrong with you, something is wrong with the way we are expected to behave and interact with each other. Something is wrong with being taught to compete for control and glory. Something is wrong with valuing physical attributes over skill. Something is wrong with being forced to conform or be deemed mentally ill.

By accepting what others perceive as mental illness, you are distinguishing yourself. You are separating yourself from the crowd who are so eager to please and be accepted by the same people who are also eager to please and be accepted.

You do not belong with them. It is a gift to you when they recognize it and it is a gift to yourself when you accept it too. Every great mind in history has accepted this distinction. It is now your turn.

Now that you have distinguished yourself, it’s time to embrace your mental brilliance by choosing a gift to offer to this world. Your mental brilliance is your first indication that you have something valuable to share to inspire or bring relief to the lives of others. How will you use your mental brilliance? You simply decide how you want to be a blessing to this world and get started.

Whether it’s baking the world’s best cupcakes, building a new form of transportation or even offering your best ideas to reshape society, if it is within the scope of your mentally brilliant imagination, you can achieve it.

Whatever you choose to give is the right thing. Focus. Create. Inspire. Share.

Then do it again and again and again.

You were created with mental brilliance, most just deny it. You ARE special.You ARE favored. You ARE destined to create beauty and magnetic energy for the world to enjoy.

This is your sign.

Get started.

Listen to the Mental Illness, Mental Brilliance Podcast.

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