I Hear Voices and They Are Real

Do you hear voices in your mind? Are these voices your intuition, your angels or something else? Are the voices real, or simply auditory hallucinations as psychologists have termed them?

I had a chat with Robi, a 47-year-old German man who hails from Yugoslavia. Robi revealed that he hears voices. The same voices that would cause him to be labeled a psycho or schizophrenic. Those voices. He allowed me to ask him questions about the voices that hears daily and here is the transcript.

TP: When most people claim they hear voices, it is a disruption in their lives. Is your experience the same?

ROBI: I have better relationship with my voices (spirits/angels) than others because I am a servant of the spirit/the allmighty and like Obama said I meet everybody, may it be the president, the janitor, the spirits or the demon, with the same attitude/respect therefore I get respect from the spirits/demons/angels etc. and help them be better and reach heavenly realms out of earthly/hellish realms.

TP: What kind of things do you hear when your voices speak to you?

ROBI: Do you mean what they tell me?

TP: Yes

ROBI: The spirits that I can see, don’t talk to me, we have a telepathic connection where “I Know” what they want from me. The voices I hear tell me uplifting things like just yesterday, that “I’m the bhodisattva of love,” or “come home” or things of the like, we also communicate in the form of energy feelings/vibes of love or sadness. My enemies, though, lately they kinda disappeared. I fathom they have gone to prepare another strike, tell me to kill myself and that they will “get me.”

TP: So you hear voices and see spirits? How did you feel when you first began hearing the voices? What do the spirits look like?

ROBI: I didn’t feel overwhelmed or surprised. I just acknowledged them as present and being a part of my life. The spirits look beautiful in their blackness and seem to be child spirits. Sometimes I see golden light angels and white angels and the human form of the allmighty!

TP: Most people who hear voices report that their voices taunt them and degrade them? Does this ever happen to you?

ROBI: Yes, sometimes. I have also “bad” voices. Maybe they are spirits/demons that serve the enemy (black magic societies) or sorcerers of these societies which fight “psychos” because of their gifts and these gifts being able to destroy the power structures of such black magic societies which hold up the current “Society system.” The difference between my experience with the voices and spirits and others is that I found that I could withstand the attacks of such societies. Others are still in the dark, so the bad voices or spirits let me be. That’s why I also engage in the enlightenment of other “psychos” in many forms but am rather unsuccessful, because the dark side also took hold of psychiatry and its paradigm and a lot of “psychos” buy into it because they first look for help from psychiatry!

TP: Why do you call people who hear voices psychos? Are you a psycho?

ROBI: We could call ourselves psychic. Ordinary psychics, new agers or whatever, have an arrogant stance towards us psychos and think we must be “healed”and that’s why we don’t identify with that but with psycho coming from psychosis we also embrace the struggle and torture of psychiatry being a part of our lives! And we are proud that we survived.

TP: Are you schizophrenic?

ROBI: What do you mean with that? I don’t buy into psychiatric diagnoses. There’s no thing like schizophrenia. It simply doesn’t exist so you better don’t ask such bs!

TP: Ok. If you say your voices don’t torment you. How can others who experience the more negative voices transform their experiences?

ROBI:  The most important thing with bad voices is first try to not let the voices get near you so that it doesn’t hurt your heart, soul and lead you into self destruction. The second thing is to take conversations with the voices and try to find out their intent and maybe help them get to the light.

TP: How do you stand up to the voices? How do you help them get to the light?

ROBI: In order to not let the voices get near you, I recommend meditation so that you can look on a situation from afar. Secondly ask them if they want to turn to the good side and if so you let them be in your home or wherever with you. If they don’t want to behave tell them to leave your house and yourself and if they don’t obey and still attack you you can ask your personal guardian angel for help to get rid of them.

TP: Does everyone have a guardian angel? How do you know this?

ROBI: They are high spirit guides working to help us to elevate and are not to be degraded as pets. By the way, I see them.

TP: What do they look like and how do they help you?

ROBI: Depends on what size they take on. They can choose their size according to their task. from gigantic to really tiny, and are of golden light or white light mostly taking the shape of women, sometimes with wings, or child angels! They help with meditation, guidance through spirit/astral realms and with love and protection!

TP: How have they helped you specifically?

ROBI: With a whole lot of love and one time I remember waking up in bed, I had the astral body of a black magic sorcerer with some kind of hoodie on so I couldn’t see his face in my sight and got scared and so I said a prayer and made the cross (catholic ritual) whence suddenly opened up a round gate with white light shining from it and two little angels appearing and carrying the astral body of the sorcerer away!

TP: What does the average person need to understand about people who hear voices to help them to stop thinking they are crazy?

ROBI: I hear voices and they are real.


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