Hynosis May Be a Viable Treatment for Mental Health Issues

Michelle Dowell-Vest is a Clinical Hypnotist who believes that hypnosis is a viable treatment for mental health issues. She experienced an extreme loss when her partner committed suicide and even though she had done a lot of intentional healing work to help relieve the angst associated with that loss, every year around the anniversary of her partner’s death, she fell into a deep depression.

“When you lose someone to suicide, it’s really easy to get lost in a fear of the bottom suddenly falling out of your life,” Michelle shared. “This fear can affect the way you allow yourself to connect with others. It can cause you to experience a range of feelings, from apathy to control.  It can keep a hold on you.  In reality, this is grief manifesting as fear.  That fear was almost paralyzing.”

She used hypnosis to work through that grief and fear so that she no longer automatically went into a depression. Through hypnosis, she was able to completely release the grief and allow the good memories shared with her loved one to overtake the pain of loss.

After two years Michelle believes she is now completely free from that depression.

“Hypnosis helped me make that separation of the trauma, the emotion and the memory,” she said. “That separation helps me experience the memory of her, without the pain.”

As a Clinical Hypnotist, Michelle now helps clients relieve the pressure from depression, anger, rage and other mental health issues by offering hypnosis virtually and in person. Learn more about Michelle’s work.

Listen to the full interview with Michelle as she discusses how hypnosis helps to relieve the trauma associated with mental health issues.


  1. Michelle Dowell-Vest

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my journey and talk about Hypnosis! I so appreciate the space you have created for these conversations and the support you are providing the mental health community.

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