It’s Not Mental Illness, it’s Mental Brilliance.

Mental Brilliance explores the correlation between mental health and personal success. Our mission is to celebrate and support individuals who experience mental health issues and teach them how to use their Mental Illness Mental Brilliance  as springboards for their success.

We aim to help Mentally Brilliant individuals develop the confidence and skills to sustain themselves emotionally and financially.

Mental Brilliance was created by  Te-Erika Patterson, a Mental Health and Personal Success Teacher who has authored more than 11 books, created more than 1200 inspirational videos and documentaries and coached hundreds of women and men on the art of leadership and self reliance.

Share Your Story

If you have a mental health issue that is self-diagnosed or professionally diagnosed and you have achieved your own version of personal success please share your story to help others. We will reach out to you if your story is a good fit for our mission.



Pitches to be a guest on the Mental Illness Mental Brilliance podcast or to be featured on the Mental Brilliance website should be made by completing the SUBMIT YOUR STORY form only. Any pitches sent to our email address will be ignored.

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Mental Brilliance is a project supported by Te-Erika Patterson, a woman moving through life with mental health issues yet using her brilliance to inspire others. Please support this endeavor to keep it alive.