23 Symptoms of Mental Brilliance

Are you trying to figure out if something is wrong with you? You don’t seem to fit into this society and people have told you that you are mentally ill. Are you really mentally ill? Maybe you should consider that your connection to a mental health issue is a symptom of your ability to contribute something meaningful to this world. Is it really Mental Illness or is it Mental Brilliance?

These are the symptoms of Mental Brilliance.

  1. You see and hear things that others do not see; shapes, colors, spiritual beings, visions, voices. You are Mentally Brilliant.
  2. You believe the world’s progress hinges on your efforts and the successful completion of your goals. You are Mentally Brilliant.
  3. You have a profound understanding that you do not belong here. You are Mentally Brilliant.
  4. You experience all of your emotions deeply and richly and you allow them full reign as they emerge. You never know which one will surface next and you welcome them all. You are Mentally Brilliant.
  5. There is no one you know of who is as deeply invested into their life’s work as you are. Your drive is unmatched. You are Mentally Brilliant.
  6. You are wise enough to know how things need to be ordered and you enjoy ensuring order in your life and the lives of others. You are Mentally Brilliant.
  7. You are well aware of your capabilities and potential and you feel limited by your ability to express this potential due to society’s expectations and rules. You are Mentally Brilliant.
  8. You walk in your greatness every day even when no one else recognizes it but you. You are Mentally Brilliant.
  9. Your lifestyle choices are often at odds with what society deems to be normal, yet, you choose to experience them without remorse. You are Mentally Brilliant.
  10. You believe you have recognized the Promised Land and you have decided to lead others to it. You are Mentally Brilliant.
  11. You never fit in. You feel out of sync in this society and you stopped caring a long time ago. You are Mentally Brilliant.
  12. You feel the pain of this world so deeply that it sometimes paralyzes you emotionally for days. You are Mentally Brilliant.
  13. You have a difficult time following the leadership of others because you understand that you can lead yourself much better. You are Mentally Brilliant.
  14. You would rather create the trend than follow them which means you are often at odds with the common craze. You are Mentally Brilliant.
  15. You believe you can change the world, and you try your best to do so. You are Mentally Brilliant.
  16. You have changed your core beliefs, values and interests. You are no longer the person you used to be and you embrace this change wholeheartedly. You are Mentally Brilliant.
  17. You are sensitive to sights, sounds, smells and touches and you protect your senses at all costs. You are Mentally Brilliant.
  18. You feel comfortable spending time alone. You keep company with your goals or ideas and that suits you just fine. You are often bored with life and seek solitude as often as you can. You are Mentally Brilliant.
  19. You believe you are magic. You are Mentally Brilliant.
  20. People would describe you as odd or eccentric and you don’t mind. You are Mentally Brilliant.
  21. You have difficulty expressing yourself and being understood by others because the language we have developed cannot accurately describe the depth of your thoughts, desires and goals. You are Mentally Brilliant.
  22. Your opinions and behaviors are not deemed acceptable by popular society yet you continue to create your own rules and expectations for your life because you understand that you make the rules. You are Mentally Brilliant.
  23. You take risks that others would not dare take because you understand that no matter what happens, you cannot lose. You are Mentally Brilliant.

Do not allow anyone to convince you that you need to change.You are Mentally Brilliant.

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